Τα Σγαρτίλια

True Performers


We had an amazing time with The Sgartilia. Prodromos & Michael were very friendly, entertaining and social. Great voices and great fun. It was an emotional but also fun experience. I reccomend them to everyone.

Helen N,

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Σας ευχαριστούμε για όλα παιδιά... Ήσασταν Καταπληκτικοί :) !!! Όλοι έλεγαν τα καλύτερα. Τα τσαττιστά σας δε.... κορυφαία! Όσες φορές και να παντρευτώ εσάς θα έχω :)

Γεωργία Μ.



Basic Package

Bridal & Grooms Stolisma

Vip Package

Bridal & Grooms Stolisma +
Escorting the bride to Church with music

Pre - Wedding Celebration

Family party just before the Wedding

Parties & Events

Exceeding Expectations


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